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  • Lawn and Turf Watering Killeen TX

Lawn-Turf Irrigation & Sprinklers Killeen TX

Empire Seed is a qualified installer and contractor for Rain Bird irrigation systems.

An automatic sprinkler-irrigation system is a home improvement project that can save you time, money and help to keep your grass looking at it's best. Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is good for the investment in your property. A professional irrigation system will also help conserve water at the same time.

A properly designed and installed Rain Bird system can help you save more water and cost savings over the lifetime of your sprinkler system.

With Rain Bird you will have a greener, healthier grass and plants, less time walking around your lawn with hoses AND you will save water.

SAVE TIME: No more watering with the hose.
SAVE MONEY: No more water bill surprises.
SAVE WATER: Automatic water use.

Lawn and Turf Irrigation Systems Killeen TX
Lawn Irrigation Systems Killeen TX Turf Irrigation Systems Killeen TX

Sprinkler System Diagram

We provide you with a printout of your property and sprinkler system (see sample below). This shows you every water line, sprinkler head and watering zone.

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